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I must say this game gave me a lot of fun!
I enjoyed the art style and Baron's quotes a lot. :D

I might be just doing it the bad way, but I think the fuel is used a bit too fast. I just press/hold the up key for a second or 2 and I'm out of fuel in a blink of an eye. Sometimes I have to use it all up to fly higher just a little.
It took me a while to realise how the movement works, even after reading that short info about ascending/descending.

On the 2nd level things are getting pretty tough. I can't make Baron fly further/higher. Also I didn't know I would lose the gold I put into upgrading special skills.

Interesting game! :D
Perhaps it could use some additional sounds/voices made by the characters when doing specific action to add a bit more comedy to this.

Good job!

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This game has some nice potential but still require a lot of work. :)

There are few things that bother me after playing it for few minutes:
- Characters' names are rather hard to read.
- Arnold and Reggie are quite useless in the early game (not sure how it's later). Archer can shoot only 1 arrow for 3 ap and he has still 3 ap remaining. He also doesn't have any melee attack. The mage has at least 1 melee attack but his only offensive spell has 3 rounds of cooldown.
- The area (distance) is often too big. Everyone has to waste at least 1 round on movement before getting a chance to attack.
- This game perhaps could use some kind of chat/text console that would show who attacked with what and what was its effect.
- I don't know what is all that exp for. You could lower the requirements for the 1st level-up to let players know what it gives.
- I haven't seen too many items in the shop that I could buy with the amount of money I earned from my mission. Let's say I got like ~400 gold from the 1st mission. Besides potions and books, the cheapest thing I can buy is worth 2.000 gold. Ok, I don't have to get the best item after just 1 mission, but maybe let me upgrade/change something after 1-2 missions (it'd be like 6 battles)?

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